Hawaii to be the place where keeps coming back for more Beautiful nature and luxurious time surrounded by beautiful nature We are assisting for space solutions to enhance your stay in Hawaii.


We are able to order from the majority of suppliers in the world including bespoke products as well as very rare products difficult to get in Hawaii.

Concept creation

All of our projects start with an individual consultation – a chance for us to be familiar with your tastes andrealise your requests. We will propose the ideal space for the people where reside, how long the space will be used for, its budget and timescale for completion. Firstly, we will show an interior design style board according to your demand including a floor plan for your room layout, furniture, lighting and curtains.

3D visual presentation

Once you are happy with the concept we will apply the details to beautiful 3D visuals. We will keep updating the visual until all items are fixed.

Design development

After a concept is established, your designer develops the scope of your space further by developing the interior design features and selecting material finishes, plumbing fixtures, lighting and accessories. In this phase, you can actually touch and feel the texture of furniture by material samples that lead to exactly how the design will be embodied.


Once you and your designer have finalized the design, your designer specifies the details with furniture and the other equipment with cost estimation for your approval. With the budget agreed we manage every stage of the ordering process to make sure that all parts are delivered on schedule.

Delivery & Inspection

The ordered furniture will be directly shipped from the country where the furniture is manufactured. Before delivering the furniture to your home, all furniture will be opened in a warehouse and inspect by our staffs.

Construction & Cleaning

Once lighting construction and other ancillary works completed, your home is ready to welcome your furniture. Our trusted partner brings all furniture into your home, then we place the furniture and, if necessary, assemble the pieces. Finally, after our cleaning service completed, you will be handed over the ideal interior design, thoroughly contemplated.